SF424 Version 8.5

September 2, 2018

SF424 (Grants.gov) Application Enhancements

Web-based Forms Enhancements

As announced in August 2017, new and updated versions of existing forms are transitioning to the new web-based design with updated functionality. All of the forms below have transitioned to the new web-based format:

  • SF424 R&R Cover Page
  • Project/Performance Site Location(s)
  • Research & Related Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded)
  • PHS Human Subject and Clinical Trials Information V1.0 (HHS)
    • Added the ability to sort for the following fields:
      • Study Conditions
      • Inclusion Enrollment Reports
      • Interventions
      • Outcomes Measures fields
  • Updated forms (with the agency that most frequently uses in parentheses):
    • ED-900P Proposal for EDA Assistance (Economic Development Agency)
    • ED-900F Supplement for Revolving Loan Fund Applications
    • ED-900B Beneficiary Information Form
    • ED-900D Design and Engineering
    • ED-900C EDA Application Supplement for Construction Programs
    • ED-900E Calculation of Estimated Relocation and Land Acquisition Expenses V1.0
    • NAT Program Specific Data Forms V1.1 (HRSA)

Corrected issues

For applications using the PHS398 Modular Budget form, the generated PDF defaulted to show all five periods. This was corrected to only show the number of budget periods filled out.

Two issues with Fellowship applications have been fixed:

  • PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form - the generated PDF did not show the NRSA Support data.
  • Progress Report Publication List was required if the application type was resubmission.