Version 5.0.3

October 1, 2018

PI & Project Team Home Workspace

On the PI & Project Team Home workspace, the UFA tab now lists UFAs In Progress. This lister was previously available on the In Progress tab.

PAF Workspace

On the PAF workspace, the Previous Project/Grant field has been replaced with Related Award (For Renewal/Continuation or Supplemental Request)

Award Workspace

On the Contacts tab of the Award workspace, UM Investigators information now lists an Is Active status and Deactivated Date

The Award Modification system-generated email notifications for the Post a Commentactivity were updated to display the PI Last Name in the email subject line.

COI Offices

On Award and Award Change Request activities to Submit COI Ancillary Review and Submit COI Personnel Ancillary Review, this question was removed: Has the COI office completed the conflict of interest review? Instead, the review status will indicate Yes upon completion of the activities.

Sponsored Programs, Shared Services Center, and Office of Contract Administration

An issue casuing the Award Modification listers to load very slowly has been fixed.

Award and Award Modification Worksheet Changes:

ORSP and Sponsored Programs

To aid with checking information on a related PAF on the Award, the PAF ID displays as a link.

The Budget worksheet will include more information about the PAF that is associated with the budget period, including the Contact PI and Administrative Home department name.

UM Investigator's preferred email displays next to the investigator's name.


The warning message that indicates the Total Award Amount exceeds the Total Proposal Amount has been fixed. This was displayed incorrectly on converted awards.

Sponsored Programs

A new validation rule was added for Sponsored Programs staff to ensure that a Project/Grant is selected on any newly created budget period.