Version 5.0.4

November 5, 2018


When ORSP executes the Initiate Award Processing activity on a PAF, the system will check to see that all PAF sponsors have a sponsor code. An activity error will appear, and a sponsor code will need to be added to the PAF in order to complete this activity.

Award and Award Modifications

The ability to sort PAFs was added to the Associated PAFs page. The list of PAFs associated with an award will now be sorted by PAF ID, with the oldest PAF on top. This should ease finding a specific PAF.

When the award set of Related UFAs was out of sync with the UFAs that referenced an Award, an error displayed on the Compliance Factors page. The UFA could not be removed from the Award Compliance Factors page. This issue has been fixed.

A new question was added to the Compliance Factors page: Will any vertebrate work be conducted at U-M?
If answered Yes, the system will evaluate related animal protocols (PROs).
If answered No, the system will not evaluate PROs but will require an answer to the question: Will vertebrate work will be conducted at another institution?.
This is for projects where all vertebrate work is conducted as subcontracted sites. The new question will pre-populate based on PAF answers.

Currently, the Sponsor Award ID reference number expands to display all seven fields (Type, Activity, Institute, Award Number root, Budget Year, Suffix, and Notes) when an award sponsor is NIH. The display of these fields has been expanded to additional sponsors. If a Prime Sponsor or Direct Sponsor is one of the following: the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) or the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), then the full seven fields will also display. This helps to ensure that training grants from any of these sponsors use the activity code field so they are routed to the correct Sponsored Programs coordinator.

Sponsored Programs and Shared Services Center

An issue with setting the correct Sponsored Programs Account Coordinator has been fixed.

The Activate Award Modification Activity was fine-tuned to run more efficiently. Very large award modifications that have many associated PAFs and budget lines (e.g., various sponsors, "holding accounts", masters with money) were not completing in the system-allotted time and were being manually activated by ITS. A system improvement was made, so these can now be processed by the Shared Services Center or Sponsored Programs staff. The SSC and Sponsored Programs steps to complete the activity are not changed.