Version 5.2

February 25, 2019

Award and Award Modification Updates and Enhancements

  • All Awards page
    • New listers/tabs for ACRS in Progress and Mods in Progress
  • U-M Investigators page on Award and Modifications Worksheets
    • Changed sort order so that Deactivated personnel display at the bottom
  • Added more information to the Award Modification Workspace
    • Principal Investigator(s)
    • Primary Post-Award Contact
      Administrative Home
    • Project Representative
    • Project/Grant Coordinator

Award Workspace Updates

  • An Award Change Request Pending workspace message displays if there is an ACR in progress.
  • If awards have been linked together, the Related Records tab will display a Linked Awards table at the bottom.

Other Updates & Enhancements

  • Updated Conflict of Interest text on the PAF, Award, UFA, and SUBK PI Sign activities
  • Changed Email Recipient checkbox label on Post a Comment activity on PAFs, Awards, and Modifications
    • Office of Contract Administration (Outgoing Subcontracts Only)
  • An issue preventing PIs and Award Editors from receiving Agreement Acceptance Request email notifications has been fixed
  • Updated PAF question 5.4.1 related to the use of Vertebrate Animals to allow for work being done at U-M and at another location

eRPM Tabs Tip

If all the workspace tabs are not expanded in your browser, and you see the More... tab, then try this tip to open the tabs in a new tab instead of right-clicking:

  • Press Ctrl then click on a PC
  • Press Command then click on a Mac

Update to Manage Deliverables functionality for Procurement, Property Control, and OTT-Compliance roles

Central Offices

A new Multi-Record Search tool is available to search across all record types (i.e., Award, PAF, SUBK, and UFA) in eRPM.


Awards can be linked by ORSP using new activities to set relationships. See Set Award Relationships and Set Subproject Relationship for details.