Version 6.6

July 11, 2022

The eResearch Proposal Management system (eRPM) was updated with several system enhancements and minor text changes to version 6.6 on July 11, 2022. 

Updated Language and Minor Display Enhancements

  • We updated the COI Statement and PI Attestation language within the Sign and Change Conflict of Interest activities on PAF, UFA, AWD, ACR, and SUBKs.

    • The PAF Sign activity changes also include the attestation, “agree to update such disclosure as required by U-M or requested by the sponsor”.

    • Example of Sign UFA activity (updates highlighted below)

  • References to “Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)” were changed to “Innovation Partnerships” throughout eRPM to reflect their recent name change.

  • Reordered the Activities list to display alphabetically on PAF and UFA workspaces.

  • Updated PAF worksheet pages to more current technology, so an additional screen will display to add/update data. 

    • Project Personnel Details page

    • UM Cost Sharing page

Awards (Change Requests, and Modifications)

  • AWD: Created links to the PAF IDs listed on the $$$ tab summary table. 

  • MOD: Added the Award link to the upper right-hand corner of the AWD-MOD workspace, which matches the format of ACR.

For Central Offices

Unfunded Agreements (UFA)

  • Reordered the UFA Activities list to display alphabetically on the UFA workspace.

  • A new UFA Query on the Search tab is available to all central office users. See UFA Query for instructions on searching for records.

  • Added a new field for Entity Reference ID to capture the sponsor's agreement reference number. The Entity Reference ID can be searched on by using the UFA Query.

    • UFA workspace

    • Record Processing Steps activity


  • Updated COI question text on Compliance Factors pages from “PI” to “Any investigator”, to reflect the change made when all Investigators signed PAF. 

  • The “Legacy PI(s) Description of COI” was moved to the View Disclosure Information (Manage Data) page.

  • Added a UFA lister to Hotlist functionality for ORSP staff.

  • Created a new Sponsor Program Type “Funded Data Use Agreement.”

  • Added a new “Data Use Team” value to select when assigning Project Representatives to a team.

  • The “Draft Award Arrival Date” label was updated to Actionable Agreement Receipt Date to PR on Approve, Record Action, and Manage Factors activities/pages on the PAF.

    • Added a question mark icon to view additional help.

Conflict of Interest

  • An email notification will be sent to COI office groups if a PI answers "yes" to the COI question on the PI Sign SUBK activity.

Export Controls Office

  • Updated and switched the order of the reports on the Export Control home workspace, Reports tab: All TCPs and All ECAs_no TCPs.

  • Added Type to UFA listers on the Review Inbox, All Projects in EC Review, and EC Reviewed Records tabs.

Innovation Partnerships

  • Added a Hotlist tab with a Project Listing to the Innovation Partnerships home workspace.