Version 5.9

September 14, 2020

The eResearch Proposal Management system (eRPM) was updated on September 14, 2020. Updates include:

Sign PAF/Award Updates

Several system updates were made to support the requirements for all investigators to complete the Sign PAF/Sign Award Record activity, which includes additional questions related to outside interest disclosure and international engagements. Job aids have been updated to reflect the changes and are linked to below. 
Review additional details about this change, including further impacts to existing PAFs and Awards, on the Office of Research & Sponsored Project (ORSP) Sign PAF webpage.

The Sign PAF and Sign Award Record activities were updated so that all investigators can complete it. You cannot complete the sign activity unless you’ve also submitted your annual disclosure certification/update in M-Inform.

If an investigator answers "yes" to one of the International Engagement questions on the Sign PAF or Sign Award Record activity, and the project is anticipated to be federally funded (direct or prime), an Other Support Review will be required for that investigator prior to award activation. (A Compliance Hold will be triggered for the project until Other Support Review is complete).

The Compliance Status meter was updated to reflect an Other Support Review hold, as applicable.

The PAF Summary was updated to include new investigator responses.

View Disclosure Information includes Investigator responses to Outside Activities, Relationships, Interests (COI) and International Engagement questions.

Upon Routing the PAF for Approval, signature reminder emails will be sent to investigators who have not signed at 1, 10, 20, and 25 days after the proposal has been submitted to the sponsor (i.e., initial submit date).

The Manage Conflict of Interest activity is now available to all investigators once they’ve signed the PAF or Award.

PI & Project Team Home Workspace inbox listers were updated to reflect these changes.

PAF Revision activities were updated to accommodate these changes. 

    New PAF and CTRF questions for Multi-site projects

    New "multi-site/IRB support" required questions were added to PAF Section 5. Research Activity Human Research sub-questions and the CTRF Sponsor Information: 

    • 5.1.3  Is this a multi-site study (i.e., proposed activity involves collaborators at other institutions)? If “yes”, then 
      • Indicate how the project will be supported by an IRB: (select one) 
        • IRB review by each institution
        • External IRB as IRB-of-Record
        • A U-M IRB as IRB-of-Record
    • These questions will need to be answered for PAFs in the state of "Proposal Preparation", and PAFs that are returned to the project team for changes prior to proposal submission.
    • If you had answered "yes" to the current "External IRB" question and indicated use of an external IRB, this information will be mapped to the new questions.  That is, the new "Multi-site" question will be marked "yes," and the "external IRB" option will be selected.

    SF424 ( Updates

    • Support for new forms and/or new versions of existing forms
      • NSF Current and Pending Support 
      • NSF Senior and Key Person Profile
      • PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information (new version) - NIH form to be used in FOAs in the future
    • Updated OMB expiration date on 15 forms used in pdf generation
    • Minor bug fixes

    Manage Department Enhancement

    A new field has been added to Department to capture the name of unit IT Managers. This field will initially be used by departments included in Export Controls agreements. 

    Central Office Enhancements

    Conflict of Interest

    A new ancillary reviewer role has been created for COI International Engagement.

    Contract Administration


    • A new Risk document type of “Procurement Other” is available for the OCA staff.
    • Subrecipient email reminders now include the SUBK ID.

    Export Controls/Security

    New Unfunded Agreement (UFA) document and category types have been added to accommodate additional types of security reviews and documentation.


    • The display of document uploaders on Log Fully and Log Partially Executed Contract activities for Award Modifications was improved.
    • The Manage Project Representative drop-down list on PAF and UFA now matches the drop-down of the PR list on Award.
    • The toggle to switch inboxes for PRs and Support Staff will only display when it can be used, which is in the state of “Initial Award Processing”.