Version 5.8

June 29, 2020

The eResearch Proposal Management system (eRPM) was updated on June 29th, 2020. Updates include:

PAF Updates

New Question

A new, required question has been added to the PAF Section 5. Research Activity. This is a required question, and it will need to be answered if the PAF is re-opened for editing.

  • 5.13* Will anyone perform a significant portion of this project outside of the United States?
    • If the response is “yes”, then a sub-question displays: 5.13.1* Please select the country(ies):

Revised Location Question and Help Text

With the addition of the new question regarding working outside of the United States, existing question 4.4 has been updated to clarify that working off of U-M property applies to U-M employees only.

  • 4.4 Location* Will U-M employees be working off U-M property?

Award Enhancements

Updates to Mods in Progress tab to add columns for Department Group and Mod Type; removed column for 'Award ID'.

UFA Enhancements

Data Use Agreements (DUAs) - Incoming & Outgoing

New questions on Incoming Data Details/Outgoing Data Details to track multi-site participation.

  • Is this a multi-site project?*
    • If yes, Is U-M a site contributing data to the project?*
    • Is U-M the Data Coordinating Center responsible for the collection, verification and/or storage of data collected from more than one site involved in this multi-site project?*

Updates to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

  • New question: Will you be disclosing any U-M confidential information under this agreement? If answered “yes”, new text box to add in a description.
  • Updated existing question:
    Old text: Please enter a brief description of the information to be kept confidential.
    New text: Provide a brief, non-confidential (publicly available) description of the sponsor information to be kept confidential by U-M.

Material Transfer Agreements

A bug was fixed on vertebrate animals on Incoming Material Transfer Agreements on the Transfer Activity page.

  • Answering “yes” to the administering biological materials to vertebrate animals question triggered a validation error to enter an IACUC protocol number that was hidden on a previous page. Answering "yes" will now display the Indicate IACUC Approval Status box.

SUBK Enhancements

Office of Contract Administration (OCA) Enhancement Requests to improve worksheet data and increase transparency

  • Additional date validations for the Subcontractor Period of Performance and Estimated Award
    • The “Subcontract Budget Start Date” will now be the same date as the "Subcontract Project Period Start Date", so you only need to enter in the Subcontract Budget Start Date. The Project Period Start date will automatically populate.
    • The "Subcontract Budget End Date" must be equal to or occur before the "Subcontract Project Period End Date".
    • The Subcontract Estimated Award Period for the Entire Project Period must be equal to or greater than the "Total Authorized Amount to Date" field (that appears on the Introduction page).
  • Selection of a P/G associated with a SUBK must be an “F” or “N”, and not AWD. (for both Initial SUBK and Amendments).
  • New OCA activity to send SUBK to Project Team for Changes when a SUBK is in the state of “Subcontractor Processing.

ORSP Updates

Sponsor Program Types

  • Two new sponsor program types are available for selection in the PAF and Award: “Automated Review Assistance” and “Risk Framework Applied”.

UFA Enhancements

  • The UFA Category and Type are new columns in the UFA listers for the Project Representative and Coverage roles.
  • AAR validation rule enforcement - When creating an AAR, if the review type of “Other Central Office” is selected, the system will enforce the selection of a Central Officer Reviewer.

Export Controls

In certain cases, the row of Administrative Contacts was getting hidden on the smartform page of Technology Control Plans (TCPs) after the row was entered and saved. This has been fixed.