SF424 Version 9.2

June 1, 2020

SF424 (Grants.gov) Application Updates

Updated 16 most frequently used Forms across Federal Agencies for Country and State Code Changes

  • Agencies will gradually start using new versions of the same forms; the change should be seamless to us.
  • This change does not require any changes to NIH’s Forms-F.

Updated Copy Map Functionality

  • The copy map functionality has been updated, and eResearch will continue to map in the state (MI) and country (USA) on forms marked as “copy map supported.”
  • Updated Title field for the Authorized Representative, Craig Reynolds.
  • Updated the Indirect Cost Agreement Date that displays on the PHS 398 Modular Budget Form.

Updated the OMB Expiration date on PDF versions of forms

  • The activity “Generate PDF version” creates a pdf version of the application. Many of the form expiration dates were not reflecting the most current expiration date. These have been updated.
  • Note: This is a cosmetic change only. The pdf is for internal purposes only and is not sent to Grants.gov.

Known bug

On the Research & Related Senior/Key Person Profile form the “Update” button for editing the Senior/Key Personnel has been replaced by a system generated ID. This does not affect the functionality. To update the row, click on the blue ID link.

Note: This has been reported to the vendor.