Version 4.3

November 14, 2016

Agreement Acceptance Process

New process to accommodate additional approvals required at the time of agreement for awards and unfunded agreements. This replaces the PAF with Restrictions (PAF-R) and other award approval processes currently handled via posted comments.

Agreement Acceptance will be used for the following scenarios:

  • 20% Change in Funding (+/-)
  • Cost Sharing Change
  • External Audit
  • F&A Rate Change
  • Foreign Currency
  • Governing Law
  • Insurance (Risk Management)
  • IT Security
  • Publication Restriction - Prior Sponsor Approval
  • Publication Restriction > 180 Days

When an Agreement Acceptance is created by ORSP/OTT:

  • All departments on the originating PAF/UFA will be notified
  • Additional emails will be sent to parties with required action
    • May include PI, Project Team, Admin Home Division/Department, Admin Home Dean, UMOR, Ad hoc
  • Publication Restrictions require signature of Department Chair and Dean
    • ​eRPM activity can be completed by other unit approver, but additional documentation indicating approval must be uploaded

For details, refer to the Review Agreement Acceptance procedure.

PAF Workspace Changes

A status map graphic has been added to easily identify the PAF state. Workspace messages will appear in the left navigation area and have a consistent format. For details, refer to the PAF Status Map.

Admin Personnel Screen updates

Updated functionality includes type-ahead feature in the name field: first, last or uniqname.

Export Controls - Technology Plans

  • ECO determines need for TCP
  • ECO creates TCP (new UFA record) from existing PAF or UFA
    • Relevant information is copied from the PAF/UFA
    • Email sent to PI/PT listed on originating PAF/UFA
  • PI/PT completes additional required information
  • ECO prepares agreement for signatures
  • PI/PT and Unit signatures obtained via eRPM workflow
    • Email reminders sent periodically
  • Once all signatures are complete, ECO finalizes agreements in eRPM.
  • What is unique about TCPs:
    • Unit Review emails will be sent to UFA Email Notifiers
    • Dean and Department Chair approval is required

Approval can be uploaded, if necessary.

eRPM step-by-step procedures: