Proposal Management Support for Reviewers

Unit Review

Job Aids (How-Tos)

Working in eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM)

  • Reviewer Quick Reference Card Job Aid about how to complete Proposal Approval Form (PAF), Subcontract (SUBK), Award (AWD) review steps.
  • Create an eRPM Account Use if cannot find person in eRPM, e.g., for people who have never logged into eRPM before.
  • Log in to eRPM How to sign in to use the eRPM system.
  • Email Notifications sent from eRPM​ Lists email notifications that are mainly sent to the U-M PI & Primary Research Administrator, PAF Email Notification Contact, Primary and Post-Award Contact, as applicable.
  • Home Workspace for Reviewers – Describes the Reviewer Home Workspace (e.g., allows you to view projects ready for your review, view and track proposals and award information).
  • Assign an Ad Hoc Reviewer How to send a PAF or UFA to a person who is not part of the routing table for this PAF/UFA for review and comment. (eRPM calculates routing table based on information entered on PAF/UFA). Ad Hoc Reviewer can be anyone who has an eRPM account.
  • Hardship Requests How to review and approve, cancel, or deny a hardship request.
  • Manage Data How to change some PAF/Award information without editing the PAF/AWD Worksheet after PAF/AWD is routed for approval. This data can be managed by reviewers from the Administrative Home for the PAF.
    • Change Primary Research Administrator
    • Relate PAFs
    • Submission Instructions
    • View Disclosure Information
  • Manage Administrative Personnel –How to Add/Update/Remove project personnel, contacts, and permissions.
  • Manage Department Information – How to change Reviewers, Approvers, Public Contacts, Email Notification Contacts
  • Manage Unit Data – Only the Unit Data Manager can use the Manage Unit Data pages. Departments define the information to capture for any project where the department is an approving department. Contact your Research Unit Liaison with questions.
  • PAF Summary - View and Print PAF (Display PAF Summary) – How to view and print all information and documents from the PAF Worksheet in one page.
  • PAF Workspace Status Map – Shows examples and descriptions of PAF Workspace Status Map stops.
  • Post a Comment for the Entire Project Team – Steps for any project team member to permanently post a comment to PAF Workspace and send via email, if desired. If used to request action, remember to select an email recipient.
  • Remove Approval – How to remove unit approval if changes are made to a PAF after unit approval or if other circumstances change prior to submission to sponsor.
  • Suspend Approval Prior to Submission to Sponsor – How to withhold approval prior to submission to sponsor.
  • Unfunded Agreements (UFAs) - Unit Review – How to complete UFA Unit Review steps.
  • Unit Review and Approval To sign (approve) PAF, you must have Reviewer Who Can Sign access in eRPM. Contact your Research Unit Liaison with questions.



Technology Control Plan

Agreement Acceptance Request

Steps to approve/decline an Agreement Acceptance Request (AAR) and how to request changes.

Ancillary Review