Proposal Management Support for PI & Project Teams

Proposal, Award, Subcontract, Unfunded Agreement

Quick Reference Cards and Overview Guides

Job Aids (How-Tos)

Working in eRPM

Proposal Approval Form (PAF)


Award Change Requests (ACR)

Subcontracts (SUBKs)

  • Subcontracts in eRPM
    How to associate a subcontract with a PAF, enter subcontract details, and upload documentation to submit to the Office of Contract Administration (OCA). Also, steps to closeout a SUBK.
  • Request a SUBK Amendment
    How to request a SUBK Amendment.
  • Assign SUBK Management
    How to assign a different administrator and U-M PI (other than the PAF Contact PI) and/or a different department (other than the PAF Administrative Home) to "manage" a SUBK (i.e., enter a SUBK, approve a draft agreement, etc.).

Unfunded Agreements (UFA)

Technology Control Plan (TCP)

Technology Control Plan (TCP) Amendments