Proposal Management Email

eRPM generates and sends email notifications for a variety of reasons. Email notifications from eResearch are HTML-formatted. For best results, configure your email client to display HTML-formatted email. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.


  • Forwarding an email message does NOT give access to eResearch. The person must be listed on the project or be a Reviewer to have access to view a proposal, project, or award in eResearch.
  • Forwarding an email using a plain text email system breaks links to the eResearch system. Instead, log in to eRPM and find the proposal, project, or award.

Who Receives Email Notifications?

Based on the situation/event/system, activity emails are sent to:

  • U-M Principal Investigator & Primary Research Administrator
    • E.g., proposal routed for approval, reviewer requests changes, etc.
    • You cannot turn off the option to send emails to a U-M Principal Investigator or Primary Research Administrator.
  • PAF Email Notifier for each Department
    • This group will get emails when it is their department's turn to review a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) (instead of sending emails to all Reviewers).
    • Reviewers & Unit Liaisons for departments can change/control who is part of this email group for each Dept ID. This does not give Review access for the department. Reviewer or Reviewer Who Can Sign must be set-up separately. Contact your Unit Liaison for more information.
  • Selected individual using Post a Comment for the Entire Project Team
    • E.g., use system to send an email to U-M PI to ask them to sign PAF/Conflict of Interest Statement

Learn more about eRPM System-Generated Email Notifications.