Release 5.0

May 22, 2021

eRAM was updated to Version 5.0 which includes an upgrade to the latest vendor framework.

This upgrade brings several user interface changes and navigation improvements to projects in eRAM. While the look of project smartforms has changed, the steps to submit information and complete activities have not. Highlights of user interface changes include:

  • An updated look to project worksheets and activities
  • Improved navigation and relocated buttons
    • Collapsible navigation menu (previously Jump-To list)
    • Validate (previously Hide/Show Errors)
    • Compare (previously View Differences)
  • Continue where you left off
  • Redesigned protocol pages (Location Information, Procedure Summary, Adverse Consequences, and Use Justification pages)
  • New Reviewer Notes functionality 

For detailed information, please refer to the eRAM Upgrade Overview of Changes.