Release 3.1.43

February 27, 2017

PI/Lab Personnel/Study Team and Facility Inspectors

eRAM Facility Inspection Module available for use

Updates have been made in eRAM to automate Site Facility Inspection visits.

The goal of the module is to:

  • Automate the Facility Inspection tracking process (from Excel and emails).
  • Provide a mechanism to collect data regarding Facility Findings and Deficiencies that can be used for reporting and analysis.
  • Provide a mechanism for pre-visit reminder emails.

Key Points of Interest:

  • This module will support the semi-annual Animal Inspection Process.
  • eRAM will send out 6-week, 2-week, 4-day, 2-day (for inspections only) email reminders for inspections in building/rooms to appropriate staff and PI/Study Team members based on housing and usage of building/rooms.
  • eRAM will be the mechanism where findings (deficiencies, recommendations, and notes) will be recorded.
  • eRAM will send emails to assigned parties to address any deficiencies. (via Deficiency Action Item Functionality).
  • eRAM will provide the communication mechanism to the ACUO that a deficiency has been addressed. (via Deficiency Action Item Functionality)
  • eRAM will provide the tracking of the completing of the Deficiency Actions Items.
  • eRAM will provide visibility and reporting for all findings.

The following step-by-steps highlight key functionality:

Additionally, Facility Managers can monitor the Deficiency Action items on the Action Items tab on their Home workspace.

Committee Reviewers can monitor the Deficiency Action items on the Visit/Findings Action Items tab on their Home workspace.

All Roles

Monthly statement of charges updated

To eliminate confusion, the links to the statements of charges have been removed from the monthly statement of charges emails.

PI/Lab Personnel, OSEH, ULAM, and ACUO

Links to new ACU website​

The eRAM Application/protocol links have been updated to go to the new ACU website. Links were updated for Species, Procedure, Location, Procedure Summary, Adverse Consequences and Alternatives pages.


OSEH references updated

All text and subject lines references to OSEH in the Medical Surveillance email templates have been changed to EHS (eg., EHS Medical Surveillance Coordinator, EHS Website).
The links to the EHS form and new website have been updated in the templates.