Cloud Infrastructure Transformation Program

We all have read plenty of stories about organizations moving their systems and applications to the cloud. Many individuals and units at U-M have made their own forays into the cloud, and it’s now time for ITS to provide a way to facilitate the university’s use of cloud services. It was determined that we needed an ITS-wide initiative to transform the organization into one that is fluent in leveraging and consuming cloud services, allowing ITS to move services (as appropriate) to public cloud providers.

In March 2018, ITS formed the Cloud Infrastructure Transformation Program (CITP) to build the foundational infrastructure that will be necessary as we consider how cloud services will factor into the future of services ITS provides.

U-M is expanding our use of cloud services. Learn more about what is driving this change.

The Cloud Program is tasked with transforming ITS into an organization that is fluent in leveraging and consuming cloud services.

ITS is committed to preparing staff for the changing roles and responsibilities cloud work may bring. 

Cloud technology, including security, operational principles, philosophy, practices, documentation, and architecture diagram.

Not everything cloud related will be aligned to the program. Several ongoing cloud efforts will continue independent of the CITP Program. Learn more about cloud services at the University of Michigan.