MRequest (FootPrints) has retired

MRequest was a web-based service that allowed central tracking and management of customer support and other issues. ITS retired MRequest on December 17, 2021. See the MRequest Retirement Project pages for more information.

Why MRequest was retired

MRequest was launched 18 years ago as a low-cost ticketing and customer-service solution. While it had seen substantial use on campus, the service reached the end of its useful life. MRequest’s functionality and code-base were obsolete (last updated 10 years ago). The system had no vendor support and carried U-M customizations that grew costly to sustain.

In 2020, ITS launched a new ticketing system, TeamDynamix, which has proven to be very capable. A number of campus units have successfully adopted TeamDynamix as their ticketing solution. In addition, other modern IT services such as U-M Google and Dropbox at U-M support a range of collaboration and workflow needs, truly making MRequest redundant.

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