Administrative Systems Training Waiver Policy

To ensure that faculty and staff have the knowledge to use the systems correctly, training is required before access is granted. Requests for Training Waivers are considered on a case-by-case basis, by reason of previous work experience or prior M-Pathways or PeopleSoft training.

Training waiver requests can be granted for instructor-led training courses with the proper approvals. In partnership with the central offices and to ensure consistency, training waiver requests for eLearning courses are not eligible. These courses are available on-demand in My LINC.

How to Request a Training Waiver

Staff members with a business need for access to a system must:

  1. Complete the DCE101 U-M Data Protection and Responsible Use.
  2. Sign and submit the Access and Compliance Form, which is at the end of the eLearning course, if one is not already on file.
  3. Ask their Unit Liaison to send an email message to [email protected]. The email message from the Unit Liaison must include the following:
    • Name and uniqname of person for whom the training waiver is being requested
    • Unit Liaison's name and phone number
    • Name of course(s) for which the training waiver is requested
    • Business reason for requesting this waiver