Management Reports

M-Reports Management Reports (MGMT) are part of a suite of reporting tools designed to help University of Michigan units monitor their financial and payroll activity.

Review of management reports to identify outliers and trends is an important part of the internal control process. These reports are important to not only identify and correct specific transactions, but also to address the root cause. Key Reports for Financial Business Processes provides a list of reports that should be reviewed, at a minimum, for each business process for various levels of financial oversight.


There are two types of management reports: Finance and Payroll.

  • Finance reports include monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Reports in this category allow you to view data from departments other than your own.
  • Payroll reports include the Payroll Yearly Trend and the Payroll Five Year Trend. You can only view data for your own department in these reports.

Shared Services has re-written some of the management reports and they can be viewed in Tableau. Access granted to the Tableau reports automatically when the user has Finance and/or Payroll report access.