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Understanding Denodo

Denodo provides no-cost on-demand training courses, materials, and certification exams to help grow your Denodo data virtualization skills and demonstrate your knowledge:

Denodo Platform Documentation

Data Sources

By default, Developers have access to virtualized views representing the components of the U-M Data Warehouse datasets to which they already have access. This allows Developers to source data from these views without the need to create/maintain their own U-M Data Warehouse data sources. Developers can create data sources to other systems or repositories as needed.

Important: Ensure any sources (databases, FTP servers, API endpoints, etc.) to which you wish to connect are open to the Denodo server environments. If the source data is hosted in an ITS MiDatabase or MiServer, reference the firewall group name "Denodo_vdp" as the source within your firewall request to the ITS Service Center via TeamDynamix (TDx). For all other sources, reference the following IP’s.

For information on creating data sources, see the following:

Note: ODBC data source connections are not currently available.

Sharing Views

Developers can share views created in Denodo with an MCommunity group. To share a view:

  • Submit a ticket for the ITS-Denodo team through the ITS Service Center. Include a list of the Denodo views and the MCommunity groups which should be granted access.
  • Verify the appropriate individuals are in the MCommunity group(s).

For more information on Denodo access using MCommunity groups, see the Denodo - Roles and Privileges page.

U-M Guidelines and Policies

Denodo users are bound by all U-M data security policies. For more information, see: