Get Started Using Denodo at U-M

For Data Consumers

Data consumers can connect to Denodo using tools such as Tableau, DBeaver, and other SQL clients and applications that support JDBC/ODBC interfaces. From a security and connection standpoint, access is similar to any other database platform. In order to query a Denodo view, users need: 

  • to have been granted access by the view developer
    • Note: U-M Data Warehouse data sets are available in Denodo and adhere to the same permissions model as the physical data sets. For example, if a user has access to the M-Pathways Student Records data set, they will also have access to the corresponding Denodo VDB dw_student_records which contains the appropriate views.
  • the server name, port number, and virtual database (VDB) to which they are connecting. General connection information is as follows:

For Developers

Developing data integration solutions in Denodo requires a Denodo virtual database (VDB). Requesting a VDB is quick and easy, but how you or your department/team intends to use Denodo affects aspects of the VDB and security role creation. Before requesting a VDB, consider the following options:

  • Personal VDB: Working alone on a proof-of-concept or other effort that will not be shared with others.
    • ITS will not create multiple security roles or require an administrative MCommunity group, but will periodically confirm that you are still using the VDB.
    • If at any time you need to share views created in this VDB with others, a new VDB needs to be requested and the views migrated to the new VDB.
    • Complete the online request form and indicate a database type of Personal Denodo Virtual Database.
  • Group VDB: Working collaboratively with others to develop a data integration solution in Denodo and/or you need to share the resulting integrated views with others.
    • This VDB cannot be tied to a particular user. Before submitting the online VDB request, you need to identify or create an administrative MCommunity group that will:
      • Own the VDB
      • Own the resulting MCommunity groups used to control access to the VDB. (Review information about Denodo Roles and Privileges.)
      • Be notified with information about service status updates and other related change management activities; therefore it must be configured to receive email from non-members.
    • Complete the online request form and indicate a database type of Group Denodo Virtual Database. Note: If your Denodo views will be accessed by programmatic means from Tableau Server (extract refreshes are common) or another application, please note that requirement in your VDB request. A new non-person Active Directory account can be created on request or an existing non-person Active Directory account can be used.

Denodo Design Studio

Development activities are performed in the Denodo Design Studio, a web-based application. To access Design Studio:

  • Navigate to Denodo Solution Manager, a gateway to access Denodo tools
  • Click the Single Sign On button to log in
  • Click the Open link within the Design Studio tile to launch it in a new tab

Denodo web tools support the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (latest three major versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest three major versions)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest three major versions)