What's Next for Wolverine Access

We're listening! We make ongoing improvements to Wolverine Access based on user-submitted feedback. Have a suggestion or idea that’s not listed here? Contact the Wolverine Access team.

Recently Released

For everyone:

  • "View My Favorites” link in the menu for quick access to your favorites
  • Smaller icons to help titles stand out
  • Condensed banner so you can see more without scrolling
  • Ability for Friend Account users to log in, save favorites, & customize the homepage

For campus publishers:

  • Ability to hide links for users who aren’t logged in
  • Support for content-only pages and collections (available for limited use only)

Coming Soon

For everyone:

  • New Left Navigation Menu with links to 'Home,' 'My Favorite Links,' 'Announcements,' and 'Categories'
    • When signed in, these same links are displayed in addition to a 'Layout' link
  • Updated Middle Portion of the landing page shows the 'Featured,' 'Most Popular This Week,' and 'Campus Collections' links
    • The 'Campus Collections' section used to be located in the yellow menu at the top of the page
    • When signed in, these same links are displayed in addition to 'My Favorite Links'
  • Updated Right Side shows Announcements that were previously displayed at the top of the page
  • Larger Search Bar
  • User Profile Sign In option is now located in the upper right corner and contains the following options:
    • Preferences
    • Campus role
    • Send feedback