Wolverine Access Content Guidelines

The primary goal of Wolverine Access is to give members of the U-M community a personalized experience that provides quick access to the many U-M tools and systems used for school, work, and other university activities.

A secondary goal is to promote discoverability of useful tools and core services offered by the university.

In order to support these goals and maintain a consistent user experience, all requests for new content are reviewed and evaluated by the Wolverine Access team.


Announcements may be posted on Wolverine Access for official ITS and U-M business. For questions and requests, contact us.

Links & Collections

What's acceptable:

In general, to be added to the new Wolverine Access, a link must:

  1. be used by a broad group of users AND
  2. meet one of the following criteria:
    • Link goes to a self-contained tool or web application, like Gmail or Canvas
    • Link represents a widely-performed task or workflow within a system, for example: Register for Classes, Report Time, Schedule Appointment

Our team will work with you to select a title, subtitle, and icon for the link.

For time-bound links or tools that are only available or relevant during particular times, we can set a date range in Wolverine Access so that a link is only available during a specified time.

For school- or unit-specific links, talk to us. For large groups, we can create custom “Collections” that contain links specific to your group. These links will be hidden from search, but are still accessible via the Collection and can be added to users’ favorites!

Remember, all users can add personal bookmarks to systems and tools they use regularly that aren’t in Wolverine Access!

What’s NOT acceptable:

Wolverine Access is not attempting to recreate Google search. It is designed for quick access to university tools and tasks; it is not optimized for general information discovery.

Therefore, the following types of link requests are likely to be denied:

  • Links to promotional websites
  • Links to “learn more” or informational pages
  • Links to specific pages within a broader website

For campus units, departments, centers, or projects wishing to be represented, we recommend selecting one or two key actions or systems that users access most frequently and/or including your offerings in centralized U-M tools, like the Events calendar, Campus Map, etc.

Exceptions may be made if sufficient justification is provided (e.g., user input/suggestions, website traffic data, etc.)

Content Maintenance

Link activity is reviewed quarterly. Links that have received little to no user engagement—clicks, favorites, search terms—will be considered for removal, provided they do not represent critical systems/functions.

Links that are time-related (e.g., Spring commencement) will not be removed but instead be hidden during off-times. System owners who requested their link be added will be notified before a link is removed.