Google Cloud Platform Support

Support Fee

ITS will cover the $500 monthly charge for Enhanced Support.

A 3% support fee will be applied to every project in The per project fee will be applied to the assigned billing account for that project.

Support Cases

Every Google Cloud project in the organization has access to create support tickets directly with Google. To do so, please follow the Google Cloud Support Procedures.

Customers may also contact the ITS Cloud Services team with any questions, issues, or for help in filling a support request.

Google Documentation

GCP Documentation features cloud basics, introductory and in-depth documentation on specific products and services, as well as information regarding solution categories. You will also find best practices and numerous examples to help you get started with Google Cloud.

GCP Architecture Center provides help with architecture, diagrams, guidance, and best practices for building on Google Cloud.


The ITS Cloud Services team is available to assist with questions regarding billing, cost estimation, architecture, or general GCP questions. Our team can even file support tickets or reach out to our Google representatives for more challenging inquiries. To work with a member of the Cloud Services team, please email [email protected].  

Remote Office Hours

The ITS Cloud Services Team, in conjunction with our dedicated Google Customer Engineer, offers regular office hours to answer any GCP questions you might have. Please sign up for an appointment slot on our calendar.


Google offers a number of free training options. Through the use of Qwiklabs, a self-paced learning experience that utilizes real cloud environments, users may explore a number of learning paths. These learning paths allow users to increase their knowledge, gain hands-on experience, and complete skill badges which will help in preparing for Google certifications. To get started with this learning option, please please apply for Qwiklabs credits.

Google also offers free training videos through Coursera. These videos explore similar topics as the Qwiklabs learning paths. 

Google also utilizes these videos and specific Qwiklabs in a curriculum they developed initially for faculty to use in their courses. 


Faculty and students may apply for credits to use for instruction in the classroom or to perform research on Google Cloud

In addition to these research credits, MIDAS, ITS, and Google have partnered to offer Institutional Research Credits. To find out more information regarding this additional pool of credits and submitting a proposal, please visit the MIDAS site.