Container Service Pricing

On-Demand Container Pricing

We track the number of running container instances per hour and bill monthly based on cumulative hourly usage. This allows you to optimize your expenditure by designing your application to scale up during peak demand or down at off-peak times.


Item Price
Small Container (1 GB RAM, 0.25 CPU) $0.02/hour (roughly $15/month)
Medium Container (1-4 GB RAM, 1 CPU) $0.04/hour (roughly $30/month)
Large Container (4-8 GB, 2 CPU) $0.09/hour (roughly $66/month)
Containers >8 GB Contact us
Shared, Managed* MySQL Database Free
Other Database Contact us
Network File Storage (Amazon EFS) $0.30/GB-month
Block File Storage (Amazon EBS) $0.10/GB-month
Consulting $88.69/hour

*Databases run in Amazon's RDS service. ITS maintains the data backups for managed databases.

Rates were based on feedback from the university community. Have feedback on the rates?


We currently accept only university Shortcodes for payment.

Free Course-Related Use

Students and faculty: Free, term-limited hosting is available for class projects, provided the class is listed on the Office of the Registrar's official schedule of classes. You can indicate this in the request form for this service; no Shortcode is required.