Sites @ Home Self-Install Software


  1. Go to the Adobe webite at
  2. Click the Sign In link at the top right
  3. Enter your umich email address
  4. Click the Continue button
  5. Select Company or School Account
  6. Complete the Single Sign-On process through U-M Weblogin
  7. Once the login is complete, go to
  8. Select the application(s) you would like to download.

Keep in mind that when using Creative Cloud Applications, you have to log in to the desktop Creative Cloud platform, which uses the same login process described above.

ArcGIS Pro

Please follow the instructions to install ArcGIS Pro at:

Installing and Licensing ArcGIS Pro

Autodesk Titles (AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Etc.)

Autodesk applications are free for students; however, you have to confirm your enrollment through the Autodesk website.

R Project for Statistical Computing

R is a free, open-source statistical software package. The University of Michigan hosts a mirror server for this package from which you can download and install the application.

The install package installs a base version of R; however, your course(s) may require additional add-ons. Find available add-ons on the Packages page, where you can view them sorted by date of publication or by name.


  1. Go to the SAS website:
  2. Click the Get free software button
  3. Select your operating system
  4. Follow the Four step installation overview provided
  5. If you don't already have an SAS Profile, you will be required to create one. Follow the link in the instructions.

CAEN Students

CAEN Students have additional applications available for self-install. Go to the CAEN Knowledge Base to find available titles.