MiStorage Features


The MiStorage service offers a single performance tier that utilizes solid state disk, spinning disk, and cloud-based storage to satisfy most performance needs. Data that is new or accessed regularly remains on higher performance storage, while data that has not been accessed for a long period of time may be moved to cloud-based storage. MiStorage is a shared storage environment supporting a wide variety of use cases across campus, and therefore does not guarantee specific performance capabilities. Users requiring a specific performance profile should contact the ITS Storage team to discuss other storage solutions.


MiStorage CIFS

  • Windows-compatible file space on a robust file server appliance
  • Allows departmental staff to create and manage user access to their file space
  • Accessible by Windows and Mac clients
  • Approved for sensitive data
  • May use secure US-based cloud storage. This storage is approved for all data types permitted on MiStorage CIFS in the Sensitive Data Guide

MiStorage NFS

  • Provides performance similar to local disk without the burden of maintaining local storage
  • Allows users to increase the size of their file space at any time
  • Accessible by Linux and Mac clients
  • NFSv3 may not be used for sensitive data
  • May use cloud-based storage. Your data is not guaranteed to be stored within the United States.

Users requiring that their data remain on-premise should contact the ITS Storage team to discuss other storage options.

Data Protection

By default, MiStorage maintains a single copy of user data. If data is lost, deleted, or corrupted there is no second copy from which to recover. Users choosing to maintain only a single copy of their data assume the risk of data loss. The MiStorage team cannot recover lost data when only one copy is maintained. We offer two optional data protection services at additional cost as described below. These options should be selected at the time storage services are requested.


Snapshots are optional and have an additional cost. Snapshots provide a read-only copy of data that is frozen at a specific point-in-time and is then written to the same tier of disk as the source data. This allows users to restore lost, deleted, or corrupted data without help from ITS. The snapshot schedule is as follows:

  • Daily snapshots around noon and 4pm, retained for 3 days
  • Nightly snapshots around midnight every day, retained for 7 days
  • Weekly snapshots every Sunday morning at midnight, retained for 8 weeks

Files and directories for MiStorage CIFS shares with snapshots may be restored on a Windows machine via the "Use Previous Version" tab. Contact the ITS Service Center if you need the hidden path to restore from a CIFS share on a Mac or Linux machine. Files and directories for MiStorage NFS shares with snapshots may be restored from the hidden .snapshot folder at the top level of the mount.


Replication is optional and has an additional cost. Data is replicated between two data centers once every 24 hours to ensure the replicated data is no more than a day old. Replication is intended for disaster recovery purposes and is not intended for restoring lost, deleted, or corrupted files on a daily basis.