MiBackup Rates & Pricing

The MiBackup service is purchased by the terabyte (TB). One terabyte of stored data costs $564 per year billed monthly. If you exceed 1 terabyte, you will be charged for a second terabyte. This rate does not include offsite copies of your data. Contact the ITS Service Center for details on offsite pricing.

Item Cost
1 TB stored data $564/year

What to Back Up

In most cases, backing up everything on your system is not necessary. If all of the system files and applications can be installed from their original media, and if time permits, then backing up only data is a great way to save backup costs. If, however, your system is highly customized, you have many programs for which you no longer have the media, or quickly rebuilding your system is more important than the cost, a full backup might be a better solution.