MiBackup Features & Benefits


  • Backups and restores for departmental servers
  • Scheduled automatic backups
  • Data compression and transmission encryption options
  • Restore at will within your time frame—all backups are stored in the tape libraries or in cloud-based storage, ready for access at any time
  • Copies of data can be kept at two different locations for disaster recovery



With the exception of ITS Systems Administrators, who must have access in order to administer the backup service, only you have access to your files. However, the MiBackup System Administrators cannot read the files, only the file names, and are bound under strict confidentiality agreements and university policy to protect the security of the data.

Important While it is the University's policy to strictly guard the confidentiality of your files, the University may, as a result of investigations, subpoenas or lawsuits, be required by law to produce the files or other information relating to the files. For more information, see the the U-M Standard Practice Guide.

Disaster Recovery 

The servers are maintained in the Administrative Services Building (ASB) data center, which has full UPS redundancy, enhanced electrical systems, fire protection, security systems, and environmental alarms. Data is replicated to the Michigan Academic Computing Center (MACC) which also has the same high standards for data reliability, and will soon be replicated to cloud-based storage as well.