Using NameCoach in Canvas

Use NameCoach in your Canvas Courses

  1. NameCoach Recorder
    1. Record your name
    2. Listed under Canvas Account Profile
    3. Phonetic spelling guide
  2. NameCoach Roster
    1. Listen and learn others' names
    2. Listed onĀ Canvas course menu
    3. Update the phonetic spelling in one course and it will propagate across all courses in Canvas, when you click on the update button under your name. If you change the phonetic spelling listed under the roster in the column beside your name, that change will only apply to that course.

Record your name in a Canvas profile using NameCoach Recorder

  1. Log in to Canvas:
    1. UM-Ann Arbor Canvas
    2. UM-Dearborn Canvas
    3. UM-Flint Canvas
  2. Select Account
  3. Select NameCoach Recording from the list of options and follow available recording or editing options on the page. NOTE: Maximum time allowed for recording a name is 10 seconds.
  4. Choose one of the 3 recording options:
    1. Phone
    2. Web Recorder (Note: If you are using Chrome, your audio may sound low pitch because of a difference between how the audio is recorded and saved.)
    3. Uploader
  5. Click Submit to save the recording

Where in Canvas does your recorded audio appear?

  1. Select a course in Canvas:
  2. Select NameCoach Roster from the list of available options on the left navigation menu
    1. Click on the Update button below your name.
    2. Type in how you would phonetically pronounce your name, for help refer to the Phonetic spelling guide.
    3. Select the Web Recorder option, then press the Submit and Finish button if you do not need to rerecord your name.
  3. NameCoach page with two tabs appears:
    1. Recorded Names lists all students within the Course.
    2. Unrecorded Names lists all students who have not recorded their names within the course. (Note: Instructors can go to Unrecorded Names and send a reminder email to student to record their names.)
  4. Recorded names appear under Course
The NameCoach roster is turned on by default on all Canvas sites. If, for some reason, you do not want the NameCoach roster on your site, you may remove it by going to Settings > Navigation. Doing so will not impact any student name recordings or the placement of the roster on other Canvas sites.