My Learning Analytics Research & Data

The My Learning Analytics (MyLA) project supports research into student use of learning analytics. This means that researchers will access several types of data in doing this analysis. Instructors can receive an aggregate and de-identified report after the term is over on request.


  • Canvas course
  • Student use of MyLA (clickstream data)
  • Student demographic information

Access to this data falls under U-M's data governance and has been reviewed and approved by data stewards. An IRB exemption (HUM00036927) has been granted.


  • Kia, F. S., Teasley, S. D., Hatala, M., Karabenick, S., & Kay, M. (2020). How patterns of students’ dashboard use are related to their achievement and self-regulatory engagement. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (pp. 340-349). Frankfurt, Germany: ACM.
  • Love, J., DeMonner, S., & Teasley, S. (2021, July 20). Show Students Their Data: Using Dashboards to Support Self-Regulated Learning. Educause Review.

For questions, contact:

  • Stephanie Teasley, Research Professor, School of Information
  • Jennifer Love, MyLA Project Manager, Information & Technology Services, Teaching & Learning