Frequently Asked Questions About My Learning Analytics

How do I get to My Learning Analytics?

You can get to My Learning Analytics from your Canvas course. There are links at the top of the Assignments, Files, and Grades pages. You can also use the My Learning Analytics link in the left-hand navigation.

Why don't the My Learning Analytics links show up for all my courses?

MyLA must be added to the Canvas course by your instructor. Not all instructors choose to use MyLA.

How come the Assignments Planning Tool doesn't show all the assignments in the course?

Only assignments that are available in Canvas show up in My Learning Analytics. As your instructor gives you access to more assignments in Canvas, they'll show up in the visualizations.

Why can't I see all of the visualizations?

Your instructor determines which data visualizations are available in My Learning Analytics. For example, you may have access to Resources Accessed and Assignment Planning but not the Grade Distribution.

Why doesn't My Learning Analytics work on my phone?

In this version, the pages are optimized for viewing on a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile viewing will be added in future versions.

Where can I get more help, report a problem, or give feedback?

The MyLA team can help. We would love to hear your feedback or know if you’re having any problems with My Learning Analytics.

Contact us at [email protected]