Unit Ambassadors

New Quizzes Migration Ambassadors Responsibilities

Ambassadors will be expected to:

  • Serve as a liaison between the ITS New Quizzes Migration Team and your school, college, or unit.

  • Advocate for the migration from Classic to New Quizzes in interactions with individuals, teams, and groups in your unit. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the resources and information available on this website.

  • Be ready to: 

    • Answer questions from those in your unit using the information provided in the ITS New Quizzes FAQ page
    • Reach out as needed to the ITS New Quizzes Project Team at [email protected] to address project questions and concerns not covered elsewhere 
  • Direct support needs and urgent matters to the ITS Service Center 
  • Provide the New Quizzes Project Team with critical feedback on how to make the migration from Classic to New Quizzes successful overall. 

Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

ITS Teaching & Learning is actively recruiting volunteers to serve as ambassadors to assist with the New Quizzes migration. Ambassadors will work with their units as a point of contact for the migration. Please complete the Canvas New Quizzes Migration Ambassador Form to express interest in serving as an ambassador.

Ambassador Meetings and Train The Trainer Sessions

As part of the New Quizzes Migration Project team's kick-off of this initiative, we have established monthly meetings with Unit Ambassadors to communicate with you on the project's progress, discuss next steps, review new communications and resource materials, and identify new department needs. We also want to provide you with ample opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and let us know what you need from us via these meetings. We are also are periodically offering Train The Trainer sessions for ambassadors and the recordings and slide decks from those trainings are located below.

Ambassador Meeting Presentations and Recordings

Ambassador Meeting Presentation Slide Decks

Ambassador Meeting Recordings

Train The Trainer Presentations and Recordings

Train The Trainer Presentation Slide Decks

Train The Trainer Meeting Recordings