Getting Started with New Quizzes

What You Need to Know

What is New Quizzes? 

  • New Quizzes is a quiz engine that integrates with Canvas as an LTI tool and replaces the Classic Quizzes functionality currently existing in Canvas. 

How do I create a quiz using New Quizzes?

  • You can create a quiz using New Quizzes from the Quizzes page.

Introductory New Quizzes Workshop

Considerations Before Using New Quizzes

The following Classic Quizzes features are not yet available in New Quizzes:
  • Bulk downloading attached files for grading
  • Downloading CSV of student quiz responses or Student Analysis
  • Embedding Video/audio in the quiz or the quiz submission
  • Linking documents, images or videos previously uploaded to your Course Files 
  • Sharing the quiz to Canvas Commons
  • Use of external tools within the quiz (i.e. Google Drive, MiVideo)
  • Use of right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons
This list of features will be regularly updated throughout the migration project.