Restricted Protocols & Mitigation

Examples of Protocols to be Restricted 

The following are protocols that are not widely used and pose a security risk when publicly accessible. ITS IA will block access to these protocols at the network border in October 2022 (based on unit engagement and feedback, this may be extended).   

While there will be no exceptions provided for off-campus access to these protocols, users can review the mitigation steps below when access is needed. 


Behavior changes needed to mitigate the risks of IRAP include the use of the VPN: Protocols blocked by the IRAP can be accessed using the U-M provided VPN service. This currently requires users to manually start the VPN connection before accessing blocked services. Refer to Getting Started with the VPN for more information.

MiWorkspace supported Windows devices (full-service and platform as a service) use Cisco AnyConnect as a VPN solution.