Core Network Upgrade Project

The University of Michigan Provost and Information Technology Executive Committee has approved a $7.3 million dollar Core Network Upgrade Project through the IT Capital Program. The Core Network currently delivers 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) speed to all Ann Arbor academic buildings and 100Gbps to the MACC data center. This project will increase network speeds by as much as 100 times, along with other added benefits. Planning for the network needs of the campus of tomorrow will require even more capacity and reliability.

The data network is a technical foundation for teaching, learning, and research at the University of Michigan. Students, faculty, researchers, and medical and administrative staff depend on high performing, highly available wired and wireless networks to achieve the mission of the institution.

Features & Benefits

The Core Network Upgrade project will:

  • Support data intensive science research requiring extensive bandwidth.
  • Increases network speeds by as much as 100 times.
  • Improve the resiliency of the core network.
  • Increases the power outage survivability of our core communications hubs.
  • Decrease network complexity.
  • Invest in fiber such that future investments are less expensive and provide higher speeds. 
  • Improves service and reduces costs for electronics investments by approximately $1M annually.
  • Positions us to take advantage of advances in electronics, software, speeds, and pricing over time.
  • If desired, permits U-M to consider future network integration with Michigan Medicine.
  • If desired, permits U-M to consider future network integration with Dearborn (in progress) and Flint. 


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