API Management Solution Replacement FAQ

When will the new platform be available?

APIs are being migrated on a rolling basis. The platform is open for current API Directory users and will be reopened to campus in late February for new API development. 

What is the impact on my services?

For many APIs, we believe the impact will be minimal; Application developers will review training on the new platform and test their applications to confirm they are working as expected on the new platform. Some applications may need some more extensive adjustments before they can be re-published.

How do I know if one of my APIs is impacted?

We have a list of subscribers for each API and everyone impacted will be notified of changes.

What do I need to do to prepare for migrating to the new platform?

If you have any APIs that are no longer in use, it may be helpful to decommission them now. When we have more information, we will reach out.

Do I need to be trained on Apigee X if I only consume APIs?

You don't have to get trained in the Google Apigee platform if you are only API consumers. We will provide you instructions to login, create apps, subscribe apis and new URLs. That should help you to point your code to the new API directory and complete the migration process. 

Will developers have access to the development environment and be able to promote to a test environment?

Yes, developers will have access to a dev and a test environment and can promote from dev to test. Production migration will be done by the ITS team.

How can I stay up to date on progress?

Please keep an eye out for additional emails - we will be reaching out when we have more information on next steps to API developers and consumers. If you’re not an active service user, you can also join our MCommunity group for on-going updates throughout the project: api-mgmt-replacement-stakeholders​@umich.edu.