Off Campus Network Enhancements

Campus networking experts are constantly working to enhance connections to other research and education networks. These accommodate academic collaboration and improve high speed data transfer throughout the country and around the globe. They are also working to constantly enhance our on campus networks to improve speed and capacity needed by faculty, staff, students, and accommodate high end research needs.

Current Off Campus Research and Education Network Connections

Our campus Core Network is connected to the following research & education networks (click on any network below to learn more about the university connection to these networks):

  • Internet2 is a national and international collection of interconnected high performance networks which permit members to interact and create network applications in ways that are not possible on the commodity Internet.
  • Michigan Innovation Network (MiNet) is a separate, high-speed, dedicated data network operated by the Merit Network that provides a low-cost fiber optic ring between the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University. It also connects the three campuses to national and international connections across the country and the globe.
  • OmniPoP is a fiber optic network collaboration between the Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions, providing high speed connectivity between campuses and research hubs worldwide.
  • The University of Michigan Science DMZ (demilitarized zone) is designed to optimize network performance for research applications by removing obstacles that traditional networks place on data transfer and other functions.