100 Gigabit (Gb) Innovation Project

National Science Foundation Grant

Brian Noble Faculty PI

The 100Gb Innovation Project enhanced the core network capacity and increase speed between core network components and external research networks. This project:

  • Improves research data and compute capacity and speeds on campus and to external research networks.
  • Ensures ITS is prepared for future network growth.
  • Permits our Merit and Internet2 partners to more effectively support and consult on network issues.
  • Allows more flexibility and functionality for new network designs.

Project Phases

  • Replace four core routers with 100 Gb/s equipment (2013-14)
  • Connect the MACC and MDC data centers at 100Gb/s (2014)
  • Create a 100Gb/sec connection to Internet2
  • Upgrade 30 buildings from 1Gb/s to 10Gb/s (2014)
  • Install perfSONAR devices across the network (2014)\

Components of the Core Network
Components of the Core Network

Improved Research Connections

The 100 Gb/s Innovation Project also improves connections to other research networks. The diagram below provides information on university connections and speeds available.

Improved Research Connections
Improved Research Connections