Research Reports

The project reports under the Research tab are the same as the reports under Financial Management/Projects. See that page for information on the reports.

There is one additional report under this tab for ARC-TS HPC Billing.

Access Details

How do I request access?

Access cannot be requested to this tab. Access can be requested for the Financial Management/Projects folder. That folder has the exact same reports and report functionality that are found under the Research tab.

Principal Investigator (PI), Project Director, or Project Administrator (SAPOC) for a sponsored project are auto-granted access. Note: PI and SAPOC on non-sponsored projects are auto-granted access to the Financial Management/Projects folder, same reports and report functionality under a different tab.

If access to only one or two projects is needed, secondary security can be assigned by the PI. Secondary security grants access to the Research tab. See these links for directions on secondary security assigning and viewing.

Users of ARC-TS HPC services are auto-granted access to the ARC-TS HPC Billing report.