Rackham Graduate Degree Report

This report enables you to view Rackham graduate degree information, including degree counts and various time-to-degree calculations, as well as student details, for specified fiscal years.


The Rackham Graduate Degree report includes degree counts and various time-to-degree calculations, as well as student details. It is available to the University’s schools and colleges on a self-service basis.

Letter Field/Button Description
A My Criteria Show all your saved criteria sets; use the drop-down list to display the list of choices and click your selection
B Save Criteria Save the current selections in the fields of the Criteria Bar as a saved criteria set for future use
C Reset Criteria to Default Return to your default criteria selections
D Select… Choose the school(s), division(s), degree(s), and fiscal year(s) to be included in the report; use the drop-down list to display the list of choices and click your selection(s)
E Refresh Refresh the contents of the report
F Reset all Selected Criteria Sets all existing selections in the fields of the Criteria Bar back to "All"
G Graduate Program or Study Field Filter Enables you to choose to use either the graduate programs or study fields filter for the report
H Selected Graduate Programs/Selected Study Fields Enables you to specify the graduate programs included in the report; if you selected the Study Field radio button, this group of fields enables you to specify the study programs to be included

Letter Field/Area of Screen Description
A Degrees/Certificates Type of degrees displayed/included in the report section
B Fiscal Years Fiscal Years period (July 1, year 1- June 30, year 1+1), Inclusion defined by degree conferred dates or 1st term eligible to register as a Candidate
C Avg/Median For the included years and degrees, average of the count or calculated median
D Count Related rows of information that show counts of degrees/certificates awarded selected criteria
E Median Yrs to…

For the included degrees per selected years, the median values for the row

Note: Zeros are excluded in the calculation for years to degree.

G Linked Values Click to view details for included students
H Scroll Bars Use to move up/down or right/left in the report
I Demographic Information

Grouped information for each demographic group

Note: TOTAL reflects information for all students regardless of demographic group.

Note: Ethnicity is only counted and calculated for U.S. citizens.

Letter Field/Button Description
A Column Headers Use arrows to control the order of the rows in the report
B Report Contents Detailed information for each student included in the linked count

Access Details

Who needs access?

Anyone who needs to view Rackham graduate student degree information should have access to the Rackham Graduate Degree report.

How do I request access?

Currently, degree counts and metrics are only calculated for Rackham degree programs. Access is auto-granted to people with current access to the Student Records dataset in the U-M Data Warehouse. Access is manually granted to people who do not use the Student Records dataset but are current consumers of this information from Rackham.

Users with a business need can request access through the Online Access Request System (OARS). The M-Reports role associated with viewing the Rackham Graduate Degree report is Degree Trends.

What can users see?

When you first view the Rackham Graduate Degree report, you see a report based on a value of ALL for each filter field. You can make changes to the default selections to create various "views" and save those views to easily segment out different populations.

Data Sources

Sources Sets & Dictionary Refresh Schedule
The data in the Rackham Graduate Degree report is pulled from the Student Records data set in the U-M Data Warehouse. Student See the Student Records section of Student refresh schedule.