Login Service Usage Guidelines

What You Can and Cannot Do

Note: Please read the Responsible Use of Information Resources (SPG 601.07) prior to using the ITS Login Service. Direct any questions you may have to the IT User Advocate.

Use the Login machines to run:

  • Interactive programs that require active participation from users, such as pine, or vi
  • Compilers, such as cc and gcc, and other programming and debugging tools
  • Programs to connect to other services, such as ssh
  • Small programs that do not interfere with the other applications running on the ITS Login Service

Do not use the Login machines to run programs that:

  • Need to run overnight
  • Attempt to elevate your privileges on the host machine in an unauthorized manner
  • Attack other machines connected to the Internet in terms of either denying service or elevating privileges
  • Spam, or send a large number of unsolicited e-mails
  • Donate U-M processor time to non-affiliated groups (No distributed.net or SETI@home clients)

System Administrators Reserve the Right to:

  • Stop any job that is using too much of the computer's resources, such as
    • A program taking longer than 10 minutes to adjust
    • A program that is still running after you have logged out
    • A program having an adverse impact on other users or on machine performance
  • Remove any files or data left in either the /tmp or /var/tmp directories
  • Stop any program running on a Login machine that provides services to unauthorized users