Amazon Web Services at U-M Frequently Asked Questions

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What resources are provisioned in my account?
  • VPC with Dedicated Private IP Space
  • VPC Flow Logs on all VPCs in US-East-1
  • Default Security Groups
  • Splunk logging for Cloudtrail Events
If I request a new account, how long will it take to be created?

New accounts will take two to three business days.

Can we use our own IAM accounts until the integration is ready?

Yes, your IAM users will continue to work as before, however the sign-in link will change. If you let us know we are happy to provide the new link as soon as it changes.

Does any of the new resources affect current running workloads?

No, the only change is the link to sign into and IAM account. All of our resources are value add and do not affect workloads currently running in the account.

Can integrated accounts have API keys?

No, we are investigating this possibility, but API keys are not currently supported. An IAM account without console access will be sufficient to use the API keys.

Will IAM accounts login/passwords be disabled at some point?

No, you can continue to use IAM accounts to complement the IAM policies in your account.

Is there an additional cost?

Only for the VPN. AWS changes about $35/month per vpn connection.

Does the sign in URL work for the root account?

No, to sign into the root account go to and provide your root email address.

Does integration work for root accounts?

No, root accounts access can not be integrated.

Are there any limitations to using consolidated billing?

Amazon has resolved the issue of sharing Reserved Instances and credits. They now stay with the account to which they were applied. However, if an account has credits and a shortcode all usage charges will use up the credits first before anything is applied to the shortcode.

How can I give federated users different access in my account?

Create a group in MCommunity for those users and create an IAM Role with a matching name. See Enabling Single Sign-On.

Can I run workloads in my account but charge another shortcode than the one used for my whole account?

Yes, see Setting Up Sub-account Shortcode Billing for instructions.

What support contracts are provided with Amazon?

Basic support is provided by Amazon. Customers can optionally pay for increased support with Amazon.

Can students use AWS at U-M?

Unfortunately, only Faculty and Staff can use the services provided by AWS at U-M. Students can sign up for AWS Educate, however those are services outside of ITS services.

Should I use the Red Hat or Microsoft Amazon Machine Image (AMI), or can I use U-M's existing license?

Windows Server must be run on a dedicated host or instance. For Microsoft Server and SQL, we recommend selecting a Windows Server AMI and use U-M's license to install SQL. More details can be found at Microsoft Licenses.

U-M's license for Red Hat can also be brought into AWS by sending a request along with your AWS account number to the U-M AWS support team.