AWS Academy Learner Lab

An AWS Academy Learner Lab offers a long-running lab environment suitable for student projects over a period designated by the educator. AWS Academy faculty can create AWS Academy Learner Labs and add students. Each student in an AWS Academy Learner Lab will have a $100 AWS Platform Credit to use for the duration of the lab. Within this lab, students will have access to a restricted set of AWS services for project work, educator-designed lab exercises, or practice. Services deployed by students are available until the end date designated by the educator. Faculty can report on students’ AWS Platform spend (credit for each student) and time spent in the lab environment. AWS Academy Learner Labs are independent of other AWS Academy courses, and educators can use this environment with their students at any time.

With AWS Academy Learner Labs, you can:

  • Create a class for your students.
  • Invite your students.
  • Assign your own projects.
  • View a student’s workspace.
  • View analytics, including time and money spent.

To request access to Leaner Labs:

  1. Send an e-mail request to
  2. The Cloud Services team will nominate you to AWS Academy.
  3. The AWS Academy team will send you an email to complete the Educator Orientation. You can expect it to take 30 minutes to review the content.
  4. After you complete your Orientation, you will have the ability to create Learner Labs in AWS Academy.

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