Windows Platform as a Service Features & Pricing


  • Workstation Lifecycle Management
    End-to-end lifecycle management for Windows computers. From initial procurement to device retirement, the platform offers the ability to deploy, upgrade, patch, configure, and manage Windows devices, as well as deploy software titles and settings appropriate for unit use cases.
  • Software Access and Packaging
    Access to the ITS catalog of university-licensed and unit-licensed software titles that are tested by ITS for compatibility. Units can built a software catalog for their faculty and staff by adding software to the collection. ITS will package and make available unit licensed titles upon request as a component of platform as a service. Unit IT staff can assign software to computers when they are being built. Additionally, a self-service option is available for end users to install titles from the catalog.
  • Workstation Security
    Machines delivered via Windows Platform as a Service comply with security guidelines outlined in the Standard Practice Guide (Information Security - SPG 601.27). Laptops and tablets automatically have full-volume encryption enabled for the system disk. Desktop computers are eligible for same upon request. Workstation hardening configurations are applied to all devices to ensure they are aligned for use with sensitive data including protected health information (PHI).

Rates & Pricing

$118/device/year, billed in monthly installments of $9.83/device

The charge is determined by the number of devices (active and inactive) assigned to the subscribing unit.