Oracle Java Standard Edition (SE) Subscription Impacts

Oracle now requires a paid subscription to Java Standard Edition (SE) to receive all updates and security patches. Java is used widely on campus by ITS and others to support university applications, infrastructure, and other technology.

The change to a paid subscription model may pose a significant financial impact to units with Java-dependant applications, or may require applications to be modified to use a no-cost, open source version of Java. For more information about the security impacts, see IA Notice: Oracle Java users need to switch to a supported version (May 23, 2019).

Below is a summary of how the change may impact your unit’s IT services and how ITS is managing Java-dependant services.

Review unit-provided applications and other instances of Java

If your unit is responsible for maintaining applications or other instances of Java, it is critical that you use a supported version and update with security patches as they are released.

To avoid annual subscription costs, ITS recommends modifying applications to use an open source version of Java or to use a different development resource. However, if your application requires Oracle Java SE for desktop or servers, licensed subscriptions are available for purchase in the ITS Software Store.

ITS Services

The following is an overview of ITS services that may require action from units, have financial considerations, or have direct impact those who use the services.


Most faculty and staff who use BusinessObjects can avoid Java subscription charges by using the HTML editor rather than the Java Applet. The HTML editor provides the same features as the Java Applet, with a few exceptions.

To confirm that you have selected the HTML editor rather than the Java Applet, log in to BusinessObjects and select Preferences > Web Intelligence. Verify that HTML is selected under both View and Modify, then click Save & Close. For details, see this My LINC procedure.

  • BusinessObjects 4.3 will not use Java. It is due to be released in the second quarter of 2020, and ITS plans to upgrade soon after.
  • BusinessObjects does not work with versions 9 and later of the Java Applet.
  • If you require functionality that is only available in the Java Applet, you will need to download JRE 8.x. Oracle Java SE Desktop subscriptions for named user licenses are available for purchase at the ITS Software Store.

If you are unable to use the HTML editor, and need to purchase an Oracle Java subscription, please follow your unit’s usual process for purchasing software.

Campus Computing Sites, Virtual Sites

Java Runtime Environment (JRE), a Java component now requiring a subscription, was part of the standard software on devices supported by Campus Computing Sites, including Virtual Sites. ITS no longer purchases licenses for Campus Computing Sites, and JRE has been removed from Sites devices.

Amazon Corretto 8, a no-cost open source alternative, is available on Campus Computing Sites and Virtual Sites when necessary.


MiServer virtual machines (VMs) that require Oracle Java may require a paid subscription for Java SE. The MiServer team is tracking unit requirements to ensure that the MiServer infrastructure is adequately licensed to meet campus needs.

If you currently have Oracle Java installed on your MiServer VM, please review the following five statements. Your server will need a license subscription for Oracle Java if all statements are true.

  • Oracle Java is installed on the server
  • Java is needed on the server
    Note: If Java is not needed, we recommend uninstalling it to minimize security risks.
  • Alternatives, such as OpenJDK, won't work
  • The server is a production server
  • Oracle Java license was not bundled with a vendor application

Please review MiServer virtual machine (VM) for Java dependencies and report them to [email protected] if your VM requires an Oracle Java subscription. 

MiWorkspace, Platform as a Service (Windows and Izzy for macOS)

Standard software provided by MiWorkspace does not require Oracle Java.

If you use a web application or software not provided by MiWorkspace that requires Java, you may install the free alternative version Open-Source Java yourself using the Software Center (Windows) or Managed Software Center (macOS). Open-Source Java is the MiWorkspace bundled package of Amazon Corretto (macOS/Windows) and IcedTea (Windows). Please note that the open source alternative may not work when Oracle Java is required. See the software section for applications which may require your unit to purchase Oracle desktop subscriptions.

  • MiWorkspace: If your unit uses an application that requires Oracle Java, please notify the ITS Service Center. MiWorkspace can work with your unit to deploy Oracle Java after your unit procures the appropriate licensing.
  • Platform as a Service: Admins may deploy the Open-Source Java package available from MiWorkspace. Please contact the ITS Service Center if you have purchased licensing for Oracle Java.

Payment Card Assurance (PCA) Workstations

Java Runtime Environment (JRE), a Java component now requiring a subscription, was part of the standard software on all PCA Workstations. JRE will be removed from all current and future workstations as soon as a critical patch is required to keep it PCI Compliant.

If your unit is a merchant and has a contract with a vendor to provide PCI-compliant software, infrastructure, or equipment, please contact your vendor to determine if:

  • Oracle Java licenses are included with the products you use,
  • your unit is required to purchase licenses,
  • no-cost, open source options, such as OpenJDK or Amazon Corretto, are compatible with the products you use, or
  • Java is not needed at all


The majority of the software provided by ITS (Campus Computing Sites, MiWorkspace, Software Services, UmichITAM) do not require Java, or the licenses are provided with the product by the vendor.

If your unit uses software listed below, please notify the ITS Service Center. Your unit may need to purchase subscriptions to Oracle Java.

Software Title Provided by Recommendation
Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe directly (not purchased via ITS)
  • Software Services
  • MiWorkspace
Use a supported version of Adobe Creative Cloud to avoid Java licensing issues. Adobe supports versions 2019 and 2018. If you are using version 2017 or older, you are required by Adobe to upgrade.
Adobe Creative Suite (Legacy)
  • Adobe directly (not purchased via ITS)
  • Campus Computing Sites
  • MiWorkspace
  • UmichITAM

Upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud versions 2019 or 2018 if you are using any Creative Suite version. Creative Suite is no longer supported by Adobe and requires Oracle Java Runtime 6 or older.

Visit the ITS Software Store for information about purchasing Creative Cloud licenses.

BusinessObjects   See the BusinessObjects section above for details.