Oracle Java SE Software

Purchase Java subscription or use open-source option

Oracle requires a paid subscription to Java to receive important updates and security patches. Applications and other technology using outdated versions of Java are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. It is critical that Java instances use the most updated and secure version or are modified to use a no-cost, open-source alternative.

Impacts to University licensing 

Oracle has announced that it is moving away from the Named User License model for Java and will be basing subscriptions on the total number of employees at a business, the Oracle Java SE Universal Subscription


Subscriptions to the Java software platform are required to receive important updates and security patches from Oracle. Oracle Java Standard Edition (SE) subscriptions for named users and servers provide licensed support for Java versions 8.211 and newer. Email [email protected] if a user requires an Oracle Java SE license. 


Subscription Options

Java SE Desktop subscription (named user license)

If you purchase desktop subscriptions to Java SE, you will need to purchase one per named user, not per device. Unit IT must track the named users to make sure enough licenses are purchased. 

Java SE subscription (server license)

Server licenses are permitted to be used on physical servers, and are required to receive patches. Individual virtual machines are not eligible to be licensed by Oracle. Instead, all underlying infrastructure supporting the virtual machine must be licensed. 

Subscription Features

The following components are included in the license subscriptions:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • JavaWebStart: Supported by Java version 8 through 2025, per Oracle’s roadmap.

Note: These components require a paid subscription to Java SE, and are not supported by open-source alternatives.

Alternatives to Oracle Java SE

Before purchasing a subscription, consider if one of the following no-cost, open-source options might be an alternative to Java:  

If you have questions about modifying a specific application, please contact your unit’s IT department for assistance. 

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