Schedule Displays

Schedule Displays are small, interactive touch panels that allow users to see what meetings are coming up in a specific space.

Schedule Display outside Arbor Lakes Fishbowl Classroom A

The tablet-size displays show room availability and schedule information via calendar integrations. Displays can be static or—depending on the calendar source—can be enabled for user interactions.

The service provides:

  • No-cost licensing.
  • Pre-configured hardware and software package that is easy to install and set up.
  • Ongoing software maintenance with new vendor releases and automatic updates.
  • Single, consistent experience across all scheduling displays deployed for U-M.
  • Google Calendar and M-Pathways calendar integrations available.

Digital Signage Service Workflow

See Getting Started to learn about upfront considerations and how to get more information from the ITS Schedule Displays team.

Digital Signage Service Workflow

  1. Pick a calendar
  2. Share calendar ID during purchase
  3. Our integration takes care of the rest
  4. Calendar events sent to ITS standard template