MCommunity Directory Features

Directory Features for Individuals

  • Web directory application with a focus on self-service solutions that improve the user experience.
  • Features include options to add the following to your MCommunity profile:
    • personal pronouns
    • a name pronunciation using NameCoach
    • a profile photo
    • a QR code for ease of sharing or adding contact information
    • an option to set a name alias. 
  • Robust search that works on all modern browsers, screen sizes, and devices.
  • Intuitive interface for managing user profiles and ad hoc groups. 
  • Granular privacy controls.
  • Profile management with enhanced privacy and user control options to the UMICH (Level-1) Account Management app. 

Refer to MCommunity Profile Features & Functionality for more detail on features and functionality of individual profiles.

Directory Features for Groups

  • Group privacy by default: Must be logged in to MCommunity to view Group information.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Simple interface that consolidates group management options into a single screen.  
  • Group Auto Reply: Set an Auto Reply for an MCommunity group including the ability to set Start/End dates.
  • Support for Internal-Use Email Groups: Groups provide easy identification to group owners of messages that were sent to all members of a group. 

Refer to MCommunity Group Features & Functionality for more detail on new features and changing functionality for groups.