September 1, 2018

This release contains small improvements and resolves the following issues.

Human Subjects Applications (HUM)

  • An issue impacting conditional questions associated with question 42.6 - Specimen Processing MCRU Laboratory? was resolved.

HUM and Amendments (AME)

  • Validation rules were updated to only require an answer in Section 18 if question 7.1 - Does this study involve human tissue or biological specimens (use, collection, or secondary analysis) (e.g. blood, urine, bone marrow, skin, etc.)? is true. This allows the section to be cleared out when necessary.

HUM, AME, and Continuing Reviews (CR)

  • The No Votes field label on the Record Committee Decision activity now displays.

HUM, AME, and Repository Applications (REP)

  • Awards associated with a PAF now display in the Related PAF lister on Section 2 - Sponsor/Support Information.

Continuing Reviews (CR)

  • An issue causing an error when approving a termination CR was resolved.

Repository Application

  • An issue with Continuing Review Reminders on the Repository application was resolved.