Version 4.4.4

May 20, 2019

IBC Application Changes

  • A number of application form question changes were made to improve and reduce the required information.
    • Several new clarifying questions were added which may require an answer at next amendment or renewal to the application.
  • A BSL3 safety level is now available when entering lab information.
  • A new animal safety level, ABSL2 for minimum of 9 days, is now available when entering animal substance administration information.
  • All instances of the acronyms UCUCA and OSEH have been renamed to IACUC and EHS, respectively.
  • When an application has been returned to the PI to address requested changes or contingencies, an Identified Issues table will display below the Lab information on the main study page.

IBC Review Changes for IBC Staff and EHS

  • Lab Inspection Documents can now be viewed from the Lab Inspections tab of the IBC Application workspace.
  • The EHS Summary Report has been updated to display if a lab is actively working with an Infectious Agent.